video • hurst

music •1605munro

„reboot universe”

ensemble • laptoporchester berlin
soloist • takeshi nishimoto – concert guitar
video • gary hurst
schloß theater rheinsberg 11.05.2008



Sehnsucht is a video installation for 3 monitors. All the material was shot In Hallig Hooge, a tiny island in the North Sea that is constantly being eroded by the sea, wind and the changes in its own social and economic structure(loss of population and the replacement of farming and fishing with tourism).
The 3 elements making up this triptych are:-
The jetties and canals that attempt to slow the erosion of the shrinking island, edited into 1 second cuts that pulse like a clock or heartbeat.
4 holiday makers passing time playing a game called Pictionary in which a word must be described by one team member to another by drawing it.
The sea.


video 2002


videoinstallation, Margonwasserhaus, Dresden